About Celebrate Zindagi

Corporate wellness cannot be treated as a Band-Aid, and you definitely won't be able to find it in a fitness app. Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to a successful program. If employees are not involved in the solution, it's difficult to succeed. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment.

A comprehensive and guided healing program for reconnecting with your body through breath and mind .It helps to use the body –breath- mind connection to support health and well being

Our Founder

Sunita,celebrate Zindagi Founder

Over 20 years of experience in the Medical Device Industry in the area of Business Management. Worked extensively in the Asia Pacific region for Multinational companies like Edwards Lifesciences, Scanlan International and now CEO of Everist Health for Asia region, working to Prevent early onset of the lifestyle disease in the communities for last 5 years.

Conducted over 300 camps across the Country , screened over 50,000 individuals . Conducted early detection and reversal Camps for ICICI Bank, ICICI Prudential, BEST Ltd, Maharashtra Warehousing , GAIL India , Uni-design India and many other companies.

Bachelor's Degree in Biology , Masters in Marketing management and Diploma in Nutrition and Diet Planning. Fitness Enthusiast , Trained in Pilates & Martial Arts , Enjoys trekking in Himalayas, adventure sports and Meditation Retreats.

Meet Our Team

Milan Jaitley,celebrate zindagi team

Milan / Shaolin Kung Fu

He is trained in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, oldest form of Martial Arts.

Shiksha Bali,celebrate zindagi team

Shiksha / Muay Thai

She is trained in Muay Thai/Wu Shu /MMA continues to learn Kata's that are choreographed.

Nisha,celebrate zindagi team

Nisha / Aerobics Trainer

She is a Dance Aerobics trainer practicing for last 8 years.

JP Tiwari

JP / Master in Yoga

Master in Yoga & Pranayaam, spend early days at Patanjli vidyapeeth.